Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and feel free to ask them if you have questions.



CPJH PTO Executive Board 2022-2023



Julie Bridenstine



Responsibilities include:  Overseeing and coordinating the activities of all Board members and coordinators in order that the objectives may be promoted;  facilitating the monthly Board meetings and managing communication to the school;  speaking to the parent body at general meeting(s);  performing other duties as may be assigned by the organization or by the Board;



Vice President

Anita Andrews



Responsibilities include:  Assuming role of President in the event President is unable to serve;  acting as one of the two required signatories for signing checks;  supporting President.




Elizabeth Girotto



Responsibilities include:  Manage all aspects of the PTO budget, managing PTO funds as directed by the Board and members at large, recording and reporting on PTO transactions.




Amy Munsterman



Responsibilities include: preparing and distributing the agenda for each monthly Board meeting;  taking detailed notes at each monthly Board meeting;



CPJH PTO Committee Board Current Year


Latin Family Liaison

Open Position



Open Position



Responsibilities Include:  work with the President to establish the annual membership dues, if applicable;  managing all aspects of the Membership Directory including parent communication, enrollment form and funds collection, if applicable;  maintaining a record of current membership



PR/Social Media

Brittany Ashmore



Responsibilities include: Using social media and other avenues to make sure all are aware of what is happening and how to actively be a part of our school. Would need to attend executive meetings and talk with other chairs to be aware of what is  happening.


Spirit Nights          

Open Position



Responsibilities include:  Organizing restaurant “spirit nights”;  attending or, if unable to attend, providing a proxy to attend all monthly Board meetings.



Spirit Wear/Spirit Signs

Open Position



Responsibilities include:  Creating, purchasing and selling Spirit Wear and Spirit Items;  maintain accurate records of all inventory and revenues earned through the sale of Spirit Wear & Spirit Items;  attending or, if unable to attend, providing a proxy to attend, all monthly Board meetings.




Traci Poli




Student Appreciation & Awards

Open Position



Responsibilities include:  develop a program that rewards academic and character successes through recognition;  attending or, if unable to attend, providing a proxy to attend, all monthly Board meetings.



Teacher Appreciation & Hospitality

Open Position




8th Grade Celebration

Open Position




PAW (Parents All Welcome) 

Open Position

*email coming soon