The PTO is a separate non-profit corporation that is set up to fund our school.  We are lucky to maintain a great relationship with the school but we are not actually run by the school.  We are 100% volunteer and create our revenue by partnering with businesses in our community, selling Spirit Wear and then by asking parents to donate money in our fall campaign we call Cougar Campaign.  This revenue then sets our budget for the year to help pay for the expenses of buying what administrators need but don't have an allowance in their budget from TISD, paying for Honor Roll recognition for the students, Teacher Apppreciation and helping to fund 8th Grade Celebration.

Many parents ask, "We pay enough taxes, why can't the school do this on their own?"
There's no short answer, but let me help put some numbers to it. Tomball ISD has a a very competitive tax rate at $1.34. So, if you had a $400,000 house you will pay $5360 (assuming no homestead exemption). Now, TISD has to give some of those funds back to the state because of recapturing.  This is a state law known as the Robin Hood rule where wealthy property tax districts have to give to poorer districts.  

Putting our taxes in perspective:
At CPJH we have a new school with a Fine Arts wing, 2 gymnasiums, dance studio, weight room, and separate band and orchestra rooms. Our Academic Wing houses a Library, LGI, classrooms and labs that are equipped with smart projectors, etc. We have UIL teams, athletic teams, clubs, provided transportation and we have an outdoor stadium and track.  Most importantly, we have certified teachers! We hire teachers who are certified in the field that they are teaching!!!  
If we were to compare our tax bill to tuition of similar schools (Klein ISD $1.43, Conroe $1.28, Waller $1.44, Willis $1.39), we still come out favorably. If you compare us to private schools the value is undeniable; you'd be comparing tuition per child +taxes paid to taxes paid.  The value of our education can not be emphasized enough. Our school is set up to succeed by Tomball, but we can help create an environment and add to our school's ability to be ON THE RISE!

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